Rail Scales

Unitec offers sales, installation and systems integration services for all types of railway scales. Unitec is a west coast dealer for Systems Associates, and offers their full line of railway scales and systems for both static and In-Motion weighing. Additionally, Unitec is pleased to offer SAI’s TrainWatch Weigh Rail, for economical check weighing at your facility.

The primary Railway weighing products we offer are:

  • NP and SP Series – for static weighing Above grade or Shallow Pit installation (NP Brochure, SP Brochure)
  • In Motion – Uncoupled-in-motion and coupled-in-motion systems, based on the NP Series Weighbridge (Brochure)
  • TrainWatch Weigh Rail – for economical check-weighing at your facility (Brochure)

All scales are available as stand-alone scales, as well as fully-integrated automated weighing systems, complete with scale management software, RFID readers, etc. for both attended and unattended weighing.

As Systems Integrators, Unitec also offers system upgrades, modifications, along with turn-key scale/systems installation, from construction through startup.